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Hi, I'm Mario Rojas

I'm a software engineer based in Morelia, Mexico; with 10 years experience in Java for web and mobile. Currently working on SAP Commerce projects.I'm constantly looking out for better ways to take my skills to the next level, so I'm always open to feedback and suggestions.Please make sure to take a look at my AI Prompts section.

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AI Prompts

Grammar Guardian

Model: ChatGPT
English language expert aiding non-English speakers with text corrections. Please visit this link and give a try!

Gramar Guardian Home Page
Gramar Guardian Example

Business domain names generator

Model: ChatGPT
Create a list of 10 Internet domain names in Camel-Case for the following business description: "My business is focused on referring junior developers to startups". Be creative and look for the shortest possibles.

Business domain names

Regex for lines with specific words

Model: ChatGPT
Create a regular expression for matching all the lines that contains "ERROR"

Regex for lines with specific words

Introduction text generator

Model: ChatGPT
generate an introduction text for a children's home project called Taco Verde: a vegan restaurant to get incomes for the children's home and to get children some work experience

Introduction text generator

Innovative product generator

Model: GPT-3
Create an innovative product to address a current issue. Use the syntax title#description.
- Model: text-davinci-002
- Temperature: 0.7
- Maximum length: 256
- Top P: 1
- Frequency penalty: 1
- Presence penalty: 1

Innovative product generator